Friday, September 6, 2013


Just realized how MIA I've been recently -- 
took a mini work-trip to Penang over the weekend, 
as well as attended a close friend's dad's funeral,
then developed a lower respiratory tract infection. 
been quite a whirlwind. 

because my panaroma-camera-taking skills suck. 
or i need a better app. 
view from the hotel :)

waking up to a sea so blue~ 

also changed hairstyle a lil' bit - more bangs - although it's growing out already :(
and unique black mooncake for this sombre mid-autumn festival. 

In other news,
bored with my current template.. which means -

ANOTHER REVAMP, probably gonna change the blog concept as well. 
soon :) browsing through templates now. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Exclusive retro swimwear! 
At least I haven't seen this elsewhere yet. ;)
Formed in petite sizing.
RM 85

Ladylike compared to your usual corset-like cropped tops. 
This would be an uber flattering piece for the more busty of us. ;) 
Think a lil' more Lana del Rey and less Miley Cyrus-type of bustiers (OMG VMA)
Softly drapes over the bust with a sexy V-cut, 
Cropped in length with self-tie back ribbon.
RM 42

Subtle sexy. 
Another similar piece. 
Soft drapey effect. :) 
Self-tie back ribbon with a slit keyhole peek-a-boo exposure. 
RM 45 *quilt biker skirt going for RM 48; biker pants version also available*

Likely favourites as well:

A mix of Zara-type pre-order and funky ready stock as below. 
Leaning towards lots of corset and bustier pieces, 
Think sexy-hawt-party-worthy tops. 
Normal price range

highwaist cotton slit maxi! 

For the Stylenanda fans -
Pre-order now open :) 

Probably one of the more extensive shoe specialists around -- 
A mix of both pre-order and ready stock. 
Currently loving the new design of creepers! 
Worth the initial buy to see if you like the quality :) physical store in Penang. 
Affordably priced at RM 50ish onwards

Quickie highlight: Such immaculate beauties. full leather. Price unstated

wild child. 
These bustier designs are to-die-for. xD 
We've been seeing this pre-order around lately - 
So they have those corset bustier dresses in-store as well :)
RM 50 for cropped tops / RM 65 for the dresses

Have always been a fan of their style. 
Floral laser cut-out sleeve blouse / RM 45
Black dungarees / RM 49
Striped preppy blazer shorts set / RM 70
Lace white skinnies / RM 45
Shoes at RM 65 - RM 75

Uber MASSIVE updates! 
Trust me, not to be missed ;) 
Tempting pieces ranging from all the high-waist beauties - denims and American Apparel inspired, cropped tops and bustiers that are sexy to boot, 
sporty chic with all 'em Stylenanda-styled sweaters and oversized tees.
Affordable. :) prices average at RM 50

For not so ordinary bustiers -
The rainforest Amazon queen design will rock your concert soul. ;) 
Also see florals and polka dots in-store.
Padded pieces. 
RM 65 / RM 55

Work it with white chiffon overlays for a cover up. 
Forever 21 lace bustier in neon orange.
Tagged Size S. 
RM 59

Rock with pumps and metallic cuff accessorizing. 
Abstract colour play and bold graphic lines -- 
What's not to like about it. ;)
A standout amongst other playsuits of its kind, 
Stylish holographic baroque print in neons.
RM 50 / pre-order

Snuggle up in boyfriend sweaters!
Mint green, caramel or bubblegum pink.
RM 60 / pre-order

Classic in black and white; modern in pastels. 
Oozing precious class with a bit of quirk. ;) 
Specially manufactured by Su-Estilo -- 
A ladylike peplum dress featuring contrast trimming and a cute ribbon waist, 
Sleek and structured hourglass silhoutte. 
RM 69

Looks great with even with embellished flats for a casual stroll on weekend afternoons if you're tall enough for the maxi. 
One of those absolutely pretty dresses - 
Loose and flowy, yet with enough high slits and exposed back to pump up the sexy. ;)
Love how dreamy this is. 
Ready stock in a light teal-looking shade.
RM 65

Quickie highlight: Pussybow work blouses. RM 49

Effortless pieces for lazy days :)
Sporty chic maxi dresses.
Geometrical cut or high side split.
RM 55/  RM 45

SO SORRY for the late updates this week.
Been super crazy! and I hope your Raya hols has been equally fulfilling as well ;) 
Singapore was absolutely beautiful; 
Lucky me for going when Singaporeans take this time to go OUT of SG. 
Been working OT the entire week - have yet to unpack...
Breathing time begins now :)

Updates soon below.


Orchard road of course ; and a Keep Calm neon signboard in PasarBella.

who knew you could hipster-fy a grocer?