Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vintage belt over the waist is a must; doll-up in sheer stockings and platform pumps for a snap-worthy picture. ;)
Quirky, much?
Channel cosmopolitan-chic to cute playsuits in burnt orange and mauve pink. ;D
Bold monochrome neckline; 
Full softly pleated bottom cut. 
Structured design with hidden back zipper for a clean closure. 
RM 49  

I say, let's go bright and bold! 
Reinvented scallop tops! 
In grunge black squiggle prints;
Or reversible dual-layered sweet candy pastel designs. ;D
Less chances of bumping into someone with the same colour. :p 
RM 39 / RM 23
Over fitted trousers, heels and a seductive corset top. Rawr. 
A stylish autumn upgrade --
The blazer with attitude. ;D 
Cuffed ; tightened ; with overlapping pleated lapels that ooze runway sass. 
Gorgeously lightweight to play layering with! 
RM 79


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