Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Advertising Service

Several options available for optimum coverage:


Option 1: Slideshow/Main Banner
Option 2: Sub Banner
Option 3: Sidebar Banner


Option 4: Basically where I wear your item of clothing/accessory and post the outfit (eg. like on various online platforms : one review post on the blog (thereafter under the 'LOOKS' sidebar tab), Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Option 1:
- Moving slideshow directly beneath the header
- Maximum of 3 slides; each can be directed to a different URL.
- Banner size [approx] : 580width x 300length
- Accepted formats : .jpg, .gif, .png for each slide.

Option 2:
- Situated on right sidebar ; directly beneath navigation bar.
- Banner size [length variable] : 302width x 390length

- Accepted formats : .jpg, .gif, .png.

Option 3:
- Situated on right sidebar ; directly beneath chatbox.
- Banner size [length variable] : 285width x 400length
- Accepted formats : .jpg, .gif, .png.

Rates (weekly/monthly):
Option 1: RM 70 / RM 200 
Option 2: RM 50 / RM 150
Option 3: RM 30 / RM 90
Option 4: Item for review. This is subject to suitability of the item and DA reserves the right to accept depending on suitability of item according to her frame/body size/preference. 

Product Reviews : 
Considered on case-by-case basis.
Applicable mostly for items which need to be tried and tested in order to give a personal opinion on it.


1) Banner to be submitted one week before airing time.

2) Full payment needs to be transferred before advertisement is aired.

3) Deposit of RM 50 needed for reservation of slots.

4) In case of backouts, one week notice is needed otherwise deposit is forfeited.

5) Reviewer reserves the right to advise client on advertisement if it is deemed unsuitable (eg. direct comparison with other blogshops/nudity/foul language/etc)

6) Advertising does not necessarily translate to increase or sales nor continuous daily hits. Airing of the advertisement only serves to display/remind readers of the existence of your blogshop.

7) By agreeing to advertise, client has acknowledged that she has read the terms and conditions as stipulated above.

8) Terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time.


i) Advertisements are of medium sizes to encourage creativity and to ensure maximum impact. Artwork is to be provided by client.

ii) Some advertisement slots are limited to avoid clutter and conflict of interest.

iii) Advertisement banners can be changed as and when client chooses to. This is recommended to ensure your artwork remains fresh to attract readers.

iii) In Diary Addictions, advertisements are carefully placed to ensure that they are not seen as a bother/nuisance/hindrance to readers; but that it blends in with the overall layout. Exlusivity is maintained so as not to bombard a reader with too many ads/or to reduce a reader's ease when surfing Diary Addictions.


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