Thursday, June 23, 2011

Classy simplicity is key with understated heels and bits of lavish accessories. 
I don't know where she gets all these AWESOME maxi's!
Yeah, that needed to be bolded. Lol
Anyways -- 
As featured, basic cut but gorgeous design. 
Downright unique Aztec knitted layers starting thigh downwards.
Designer inspired. 
RM 69
Slightly playful; impress with oodles of layered bangles and fun footwear! 
As first spotted in Ugly Duckling Closet --
These lil' frock makes an appearance again. (:
Lightweight coloured chiffon in delectably ripe shades;
Beautiful stained-glass tinted neckline. 
Not to be missed!
RM 55
For the weekends : paired with comfy leggings. 
Utilitarian semi-formal blouse.
Complete with breast pockets and double edged collars.
Quality cotton and polyester mix.
RM 48


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