Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lavishly demure. 
Sinfully gorgeous. 
A vision of olden-day courtesans in the vineyards and bars. 
Corset stitched embroidered bodice; 
Flowy overlay with vertical detailed lace panels. 
A rare find. 
RM 69 
What a way to beat away Monday blues. ;) Just remember to keep the blouse minimalist simple.
Similar pieces seen strutting the runways of Celine--
Slim tapered pants injected with a funky colour edge;
Highwaist and buckled for a don't-mess-with-me vibe. 
Sizes S and M available / of quality polyester. 
RM 65
Play it striking and bold with pop coloured heels and skinny belts. 
Deluxiously fun and sassy! 
A playsuit defying the usual structure with this flouncy cut. ;D 
Flirtatious culotte cutting with oodles of pleats and ruffles for added girly-ness.
Loving the toga touch as well. ;) 
RM 55


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