Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How do I Get Listed?

Here are the categories for blog listings, please check if yours is applicable : 

I. Online Boutiques 1 + 2 : APPAREL and BAGS ONLY blogshops which supply clothes NOT from the usual pre-order from Taiwan apparel.
II. Shoe Specialist: As the name says, if majority of your products are these, you'll be linked under this category.
Designer: Luxury designer handbags such as Guess/Coach/Louis Vuitton/ Burrbery, etc. NO imitation.

IV. Apparel Branded Pre-Order: Supre / Forever 21 / USA or European brands / Taiwan pre-order sites fall here as well 
IV. Apparel Branded Ready-Stock: Supre / Forever 21 / USA or European brands / Taiwan ready stocks fall here

** If your blogshop doesn't fall into any of the categories above, many apologies as requests to be linked will not be entertained.

**DIARY ADDICTIONS reserves the right to refuse linkage if items are deemed unsuitable even IF it falls in the above categories. Blogshop owners will be notified as such. 

** For Reviews: Not as strict as linking. Daily review can range from any of the above to pieces of accessories/beauty products/gadgets , etc-- Anything I find interesting/worthy of note. :)) Daily review are also done FOC.

Now you may send me an email with the following template :  
Replies will range from 1 - 3 days; if I don't reply by then kindly send again. 


Email Title : Blog Link Request

[Introduction. Greetings. Your way of saying 'Hi' :) ]

i. Blog Name:

ii. Blog URL :

iii. Blog Category : 
- Online Boutiques 1 or 2
- Shoe Specialist
- Designer
- Apparel Branded Pre-Order
- Apparel Branded Ready Stock

iv. Additional Notes : anything else you'd like me to know :) 


Sent you emails for listing. Please reply. Thanks! :)

hello, is my website applicable?
This is mainly smartphone accessories from Korea, Korea stationery and lifestyle Apparel.


We've sent you an email for listing, as well as query on advertising.

Pls look out for an email from us

The Fashion Crew @ Boutique Bystroe

Review and list us! (:

hey, can a handmade accessories blogshop get listed here?

Hi dearie, I've just dropped you an email for blogshop listing. Kindly check your email. TQVM! You can view my online boutique at and also


Hi, do review our online fb store :) thank you dear.

Hi, My Mall is an online shopping mall selling clothes, costume jewellery & bags. Not sure whether it meets your requirement to be listed on your site. Anyway, I have sent an email to you for consideration. Thank you.

Dear Sir/Madam, I have just sent an email regarding the request of blogshop listing for my brand Styleblings that sells limited designer handmade necklaces for your kind consideration. Please review it and looking forward to hearing good news from you soon. regards, Alice Liew

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