Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How it All Started.


There was a girl.
There were online boutiques.
A medium did not exist to connect her with all these online boutiques with a single click.

Hence, she decided to create a blog specially for girls just like her :)
To be able to connect with all the online boutiques via one medium.
For comfort;
For ease;
For convenience.

To make online shopping a breeze.

She thought there must be more than just collecting the links of online boutiques.

And so, this online shopaholic decided to review items daily as well as highlight pieces of clothing or accessories (bags & belts) or shoes she oh-so-loves!

Last of all, she does hope that you will enjoy your stay here :)

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Twitter and Instagram: @shalyn_xash


I like how your blog came about and how you express yourself with the pieces that are collected on the blog.

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