Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So Here's the Official Welcome Post.

As mentioned above,

Here's the official welcome post! :)
So sorry the revamp blog took so long -- wasn't satisfied with the first few rounds, really.

On to official business:
i. All the online boutiques have been re-linked (active for the past 3 months).
ii. All sections of this site are now working (write-ups have been included for navi posts).
iii. READ the navigation posts!
iv. Do browse the sidebar tabs : 'Popular' / 'Blogs' / 'Tags.Archive'. The blogger rolls are located under 'Blogs' whilst labels are under 'Tags.Archive'.
v. I have removed the advertisement chatbox. NO ADS allowed. fullstop.
vi. Please note of the new email : 

Last but not least:
<3 much for every one of you out there. :) Truly appreciate all the support given since the beginning of this site. If you have any comments, feel free to voice them out!


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