Sunday, June 19, 2011

Makes excellent spur-of-the-moment gifts! If I had a boyfriend, I'd get one. (: [but i don't] 
Original Tommy Hilfiger polo's for men. 
Straight from factory ; not rejects! 
Multiple striped designs with armour emblem. 
Quality stitched as you know it. ;) 
RM 135 *market price: RM 299 above* 

*items in-store consist of factory overruns ; replica's and inspired.*

A dime a dozen! 
If you're lucky to find, Motte Preorder sources for original branded items like the above and selling cheaper than retail. ;D 

Asos Vintage Skater dress / RM 170
Marc Jacobs colour strip maxi / RM 94
Topshop floral shorts / RM 79
Zara love print playsuit / RM 81
Mulberry patent satchel / RM 218 


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