Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weekend Updates!

So, I'm sure most of you didn't miss Chic Pop! 
Fresh with empty wallets, (unfortunately) --

Online window-shopping still continues of course; 
Here's a quick weekend update :
Which hopefully wasn't spotted in the bazaar. :D 
Gotta love the yellow shade! 
Fresh and zesty with a whole lot of oomph. ;D
Not to mention 'em awesome dolman sleeves -- another spring runway-introduction. :)
For a look that's both bold and decidedly rugged. 
RM 50 
Simply a must-have for maxi lovers. :D 
Delightfully demure in wistful embroidered lace. 
Impeccable sheerness and full waterfall pleats.
Also available in black for a more mysterious allure. 
RM 65
Fluid palazzo pants.
Swoon-worthy shade of blood red.
RM 75
Room 8008

This is one playsuit you just can't resist. ;D 
Looks like a mini dress with the cheekiness of a playsuit--
Versatile in black; 
Sexy twist with the exposed side panel. 
RM 49 
An unusual eyelet framed top with oversized cuffed sleeves. 
Absolutely lovely details giving this a slight modern Egyptian twinge. :) 
High closed neckline for that futuristic vibe. 
RM 45

Standard pieces for formal occasions and workwear purposes.
The sheer black pin-tuck pleated blouse;
And fitted white ruffled blouse. 
Both suitable for petites. 
RM 45 / RM 43

Apparently these were hot-sellers in Chic Pop!
Must've all been gone when I went :( 
Beautifully boxed sling bag; 
Standard oversized clutch of smooth leather with fine lines and pyramid stud discreet embellishment.
RM 35/ RM 45

Cotton On-type long singlets. 
Thin cotton in soft pastels.
Pretty basic and it's cheap. :D 
RM 25 

And playsuits that are worth the look. :)
RM 50 
*also updated with the usual round of formal wear*

Well, safe to say--
The awesome vintage back design has me hooked. ;)
RM 45

*bodycon skirts in-store as well*

I think the shade is awesome. You don't see too many around. ;P 
Colour craze! 
Purple drawstring comfy pants -- 
Non-tight around the thighs; 
Ribbon design by the pockets for an additional cutesey factor. 
Thick polyester.
RM 42 

A more relaxed look for a lazy weekend with strappy flats and shorts. 
Been awhile since we've seen these full and flouncy blouses. :) 
Pleated tunic cut; 
Large dolman-like sleeves;
And finished with a pretty laced back.
Thick cotton material.
RM 49 
Out of the many many types of bodycon skirts we have -- 
I quite like this version. :)
Sleek A-line cut for a slight formal edge; 
Juxtaposed with awesome bright cherry shades!
RM 38 

Great cut, sexy and snazzy.
It's the revolutionized babydoll dress. ;D 
'nuff said.
RM 47
Denim high-waist with exposed front zipper. 
Jeans blue and burnt sunset orange make for an unusual disposition. :)
Length looks a tad too short for my liking--
But here's where 'em pantyhoses come in handy! 
RM 48 


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