Sunday, July 3, 2011

Go further with strong blazers and understated nude pumps. Keep accessories minimal and perfect that regal glance. ;) 
Never been a fan of scrunched-back type bottom designs, 
Here's one that's delightfully utilitarian royale. 
Hidden side zipper ; smooth semi highwaist cutting all-round; 
And not forgetting 'em two panel silver bullet button decoration.
Sizes S and M available. Only in emerald green. 
RM 41 *rosette halter going for RM 31*

Keep the rest of your article of clothing simple to match! you'd want this to be the centre of attention. 
Just can't get over how cheeky-licious this is. xD
Chiffon blouse with cuffed sleeves;
Totally one-of-a-kind Little Ariel seashell stitched boob pockets. 
Positioned just right as well. ;) 
Any cheeky babes out there? 
RM 32

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