Friday, July 29, 2011

Gotta go glam all the way! Platform pumps add an elegant corporate touch with the right accessories and a blazer thrown over. 
A pantsuit of attitude. 
Fitted from top to bottom, with the upper half decorated ala-militant. 
Think chrome tarnished large studs and zipper embellishments arranged in a no-nonsense structured alignment. 
RM 55 *psst: blazer going for RM 55*

A flattering cut that looks good on most. :) Most likely best suited for an M sized for the most optimum fit. 
That dress with the awesome cutting. ;)
Sleeveless, sheer bodice upper half, Peter Pan collars and an amazing full-swing pleated bias skirt. 
Modest length ending just above the knee.
Available in purpleberry and black. 
RM 56
It's popularity may have died down, but don't think for granted this handy pair. A must have in all wardrobes.
And if you're thinking of replenishing that good ol' pair of leggings--
Here's one to definitely take into consideration!
Cooling lycra and uber stretchy ; 
Discreet side zipper adds a slight bit of edge.
RM 35


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