Sunday, July 10, 2011

*awesome update. see more in-store*

Make the most of its calf-length by showing off 'em ankle boots and platform wedges!
Oodles of fun ala Marc Jacobs!
Quirky sleeveless cotton maxi in contrasting colour block piping. :D
Buttons are also multicoloured. ;)
Matching tangy orange skinny belt is also inclusive of purchase. 
RM 55 
Blushing rose pink cheeks; and ballerina flats seals that innocent princess charm. For a spunkier, sassier contrast -- quirky patterned glass stockings and matching black boots.  
Blindingly gorgeous babydoll. 
Resembles closely the maxi length as seen previous weeks at Cocktails and Martinis.
Here's a shorter, Tinkerbell version.
Layers of gathered chiffon and lace paneled goodness. 
In dusky pink and buttery caramel. 
RM 75  

Stylish with attitude. 
Slim leopard print hanky-tie; 
Rose brocade denim highwaist shorts. 
RM 30 / RM 50  

Vintage revisits in colour block trending : 
Orange maxi skirt / RM 55
Lemmon highwaist shorts / RM 55
Cropped front-tie collared shirts / RM 45


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