Sunday, July 3, 2011

I say go with the whole Egyptian flair. :) Chunky gold flavoured bangles add a luxe accent. 
As also updated in Pumpkin, 
Featuring the Cleopetra-like colour block maxi. 
Lush blue hues for a classier feel.
Gentle skimming empire waist line cut. 
Indeed, if you're not ready to take on the world in bright rainbow colours -- here's a start. ;) 
RM 59 
That partayyyy all-night-long dress. ;p
Equipped with seductive cut-outs even more so emphasized with dramatic piping. 
Oh, this is one killer mini. ;D
Backless too. 
We'll be sexified for sure. 
RM 49
Remember sunblock. Very important. :) 
All aboard for that beach getaway! 
Flattering babydoll top with tourist paisley prints;
Beaded straps and equally exposed back.
Now wouldn't this look good over that Brazilian bikini? ;D 
RM 45


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