Friday, July 29, 2011

For a safe bet: Can't go wrong with wooden accessories--from chunky amazonian bangles to wedges or long layered pendant necklaces. 
Always a hit -- psychedelic Tribal prints.
This time in the form of a seductive playsuit with its bubble cut shorts and exposed front zipper.
Cotton mix chiffon. 
RM 45

Boho to the brim. ;) Add metallic accent cuffs for a sleeker, refined presence. 
Exuding a similar vibe as 'em cotton maxi's --
Featuring a wide-leg pantsuit. 
With regular round neckline, slightly longer-than-usual sleeves, and billowy bottom half. :)
Gartered waist giving this a highwaist effect. 
RM 49 

The maxi version. 
Royal colourblock hues.
of thick jersey. 
RM 79


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