Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pretty much sets the stage for amped add-ons from glitzy accessories or toned down vintage subtlety. 
Cute! xD 
70's swing in retro polka dots and skimpy jumpsuits. ;) 
Light mauve shade; discreet back zipper keeps things clean.
A dash of innocence and cheek packaged into one. ;D 
RM 46 

Have the night of your life in sky high heels and champagne gold accessories to match. ;) 
Pantsuits the likes of A-list celebrities are still pretty scarce --
But here's one that does come close!
Plunging V-neck with generous drapes bound to boost the bodice ;
Voluminously flared and pleated pants. 
RM 68

Awesome items in-store as well:  
Asymmetrical with sheer orange back panel /  RM 38
Kawaii short bow dress with ruffled sleeves / RM 40
Knitted kraftan / RM 60 


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