Thursday, July 7, 2011

*Just a personal note: highly recommend to keep a lookout for this blogshop! 
Very affordable prices. :) 

With black trousers and corset top for a glam night out. ;D 
Wheee~ Gorgeous!
Pretty similar to that in Phat Culture as featured in the below posts -- 
This time with a Japanese zen-like edge.
Slight androgynous tinge as well with its monochrome tuxedo play. 
Limited pieces. 
RM 45
White is an essential. :) 
Common --
But us, girls love it. :) 
That everyday shirt that's endlessly versatile! 
Long in length and seductively semi-sheer. 
RM 38 
And as previously seen -- can't remember where...
Definitely cheaper here though. :D 
RM 34 


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