Monday, August 15, 2011

My take: Tucked in with a favourite pair of denim shorts; wedges; and an emerald green vintage sling bag. 
Just a quick highlight--
Since we've all been clamouring over this Zara inspired blouse. ;)
Infectiously bold without looking too out of place. 
Going for RM 53 here. 
Teatime coffee or first dates for a modest first impression. ;) 
Demure dresses we simply can't get enough of. :) 
A concoction of random prints -- whether sweetly demure in blooming red roses;
Or unconventional in American football prints ala Vivienne Westwood
And as seen in Dorothy Perkin's new collection, these girlish frocks are all the rage! 
RM 54 / RM 64
Nail that 60's pin-up dolly get up with highwaist shorts. ;D 
Something you truly can't miss out on! 
Here are the perks of original creations. ;) 
Unique high-neckline sleeveless cropped top;
Amazing cut-out exposed back with quirky huge ribbon-bow self tie.
RM 40 


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