Sunday, August 14, 2011

Taking a break from too-bright colour blocks, and keeping things oh-so-cool. 
A new twist to the Zara colourblock top. 
Nautical infused with jailbird stripes; 
Set against almost-sheer white for contrast.
Silk chiffon. 
RM 39 
As modeled above, the lipstick red belt not only gives the illusion of a slimmer silhouette but gives a pop of colour. ;) 
Ain't we loving the unconventional? ;D
Seemingly demure floral print dress with vintage button-down front; 
Surprise cutout back ala runway pieces. 
A classy appeal with that modern edge. 
RM 45 
Take a leaf out of lookbook peeps and you'll know how awesome layering can get with this in hand. ;) I'd roll the sleeves higher as well. 
Cool and slouchy boyfriend blazers.
Upping the ante with this season's neon brights in tangerine orange and emerald green. ;D 
Slight loose fit ; single button closure.
Lightly striped inner lining adds a nice touch. :)
RM 52


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