Wednesday, August 31, 2011

*recommended peek in-store for more :)*

From waist cinches to statement accessories and funky heels -- heighten the mood accordingly. :) 
It's the season for edgy asymmetrical billowing hems. ;D 
A demure approach to showing off 'em tanned longish legs and gorgeous pair of heels. 
Two choices of dresses as above  -- 
The first in bright orange (or black), of heavy jersey material; fitted flattering cut with back waist slit. 
The second exuding a more mysterious allure with its airy chiffon skirt. :) 
RM 42 / RM 55 / RM 50 

Beige heels; dainty and girlish accessorizing, and a strong embellished clutch. 
A pretty summer fling jewel orange dress. :) 
Layered with intricate lace; 
Contrasting prim white lush satin straps and low-V back accentuates a sexier back. ;) 
Fully lined with discreet back zipper. 
RM 50 

Also see these blazer trenches :


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