Sunday, August 14, 2011

Personally am in favour of the tulip skirt. :) A unique piece bringing edge to normally modest midi's. 
A collection of skirts you're bound fall in love with!
We've got the slightly formal yet awesomely striking fitted knee-length bodycon; 
The split tulip midi in turquoise and and black ;
And a ferocious print one softened in light chiffon. ;D
All of which are popular favourites -- so, take your pick. 
RM 55 each 

Set fire with funky coloured shoes! 
One-piece polka dot dress. 
Completely sheer upper half (not inclusive of inner top); 
Flirty mid-thigh skirt. ;D
Exudes a lighthearted bubbly charm. :) 
RM 49 


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