Wednesday, August 24, 2011

*back after a looong hiatus with imported items from around the world! :)*

We're bringing 'em skater girl and modern vintage get-ups to a whole new level with this in hand. ;D 
So just below this post we have the glamour edge Alexander McQueen clutch, 
Here's an equally stunning add-on exuding a more vintage dainty Miu Miu instead. 
Pretty sparrows soft cotton padded casing in monochrome black and white for a good contrast, 
Held together in rough gold-bronze metal, 
And furnished with an electric blue lining. ;D
RM 80
Oversized sunnies, bandanna, caramel coloured wedges and a DSLR over the neck for that artistic vibe. ;) 
Or if you'd rather an electrified boho-hobo take -- 
This meticulous rainbow straw sling will do your outfit justice. ;)
With streaks of sunshine yellow and Barbie pink for that colour craze momentum. 
Looks like it has ample of space too. :)
RM 60 

Do check out these awesome belts too: 
RM 30 / RM 155


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