Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Illusion of height is of key here. So, heels are a must if you need a boost. :) 
Breathtakingly gorgeous! 
Style chasers, we've got here quite a marvel. ;) 
Seemingly innocent nautical one-piece dress; 
A bite of runway edge with that flouncy fish tail hem. 
RM 65

A simple ensemble like the above sets the perfect mood for jolting neon coloured footwear. ;) 
A fashion trend we ain't letting go off so easily --
The boyfriend shirt. :) 
Two choice as above; 
Stylish batwing in sheer white / RM 42
Sleeveless and flared in black / RM 55

Much like the boyfriend shirt -- 
The ladylike chiffon blouse is fast becoming a laidback alternative as well. :) 
Waterfall pleated tunic, softly gathered sleeves.
RM 42 


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