Monday, August 29, 2011

From breezy brunches and tea-time extraordinaire, glam things up for the night with bold and statement accessorizing. 
A delightful treat for tonight! (: 
This amazing Brenda bustier dress is back in two glorious shades. 
As before, sunshine-mustard yellow and welcoming the autumn collections -- A jewel shade of burnt orange. 
Fit, cut and material that is top notch.
We ain't getting enough. ;D 
RM 55 
Keep things delicate and sugary sweet with discreet stilettos and matching accented gold bangles.  
Channel the 40's old Hollywood glamour effortlessly with this one-of-a-kind button up dress. 
Subtly naughty with its demure hourglass cut and short minidress length. ;) 
Bright gold buttons for extra charm. 
Tailored polyester satin.
RM 53

Not forgetting these popular pieces:


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