Monday, August 22, 2011

A vintage belt will add ol' school glamour whilst chunky bangles and smokey eyes will give you the attention. ;) 
Introducing their first shift dress with a ferocious roar -- 
Full classic leopard/cheetah prints, 
Gorgeous cutting from top to bottom. 
Neither too fitting nor too loose. ;)
As said, "Tailored with viscose elastane material, with sewn pleat details on its neckline and a zipper - this imported piece is definitely a head-turner!"
RM 50  
Covered pumps and a classy Mulberry for a modern-chic interpretation. 
And on the other end of the spectrum --
We've got the skater girl dress. ;)
Complete with poofed sleeves and dainty pleated skirt. 
Quality lycra.
RM 55 


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