Sunday, August 21, 2011

Exude a style in highwaist shorts and a chic blazer thrown over. Neon brights for a colour exaggeration. ;D 
Not limited to only the boudoir arena only, 
They've made corset bustiers wearable on the outside. ;D 
Cropped slightly with contrasting lace trimmings,
Button-down front to further accentuate a cheeky play. 
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RM 52 
Cinch the waist to further accentuate an hourglass silhoutte. 
Duo-toned colour block dress. 
A unique combo of sombre grey and fiery orange with tutu lining. 
Modest and elegant high neckline sleeveless top half, 
Juxtaposed with a flirty swing bottom. ;) 
RM 69 


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