Thursday, August 11, 2011

Paired with sensible flats and geeky nerd glasses = comfy geek-chic. 
Loose fit cardigans. 
Dipped low-neck and loose balloon knitted sleeves. 
Cute heartshaped prints. :) 
And ultra quirky mint green and flamingo pink shades!
RM 49 
In preparation for autumn/fall, this season's knitwear exude a demure charm matched with soft pastel hues for a feminine upbeat. Worn with highwaists for a look so deliciously boho stylish. 
Fab looking Pocahantas knit wear. 
Excellent for layering, really! 
As above, one in intricate geometric tabletop patterns with minimal tassels;
The other with subtle layers and more fringes.
RM 42 / RM 53

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Trust me, you won't be able to find this elsewhere! 
Uniquely longer than the usual length ;
Stand-out heartshaped pockets ;
And good mellow mustard and black contrast trims.
Nicely fitted. 
RM 59


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