Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cinched with a skinny belt to define the waist; doll up in neutral shades to keep the attention focused. 
It's all in rage this season! 
Mod colour blocks reinterpreted in geometric patterns that ooze futuristic modern. ;) 
Featuring basic shirt dresses / long tops with contrasting shades and pocket front. 
Relaxed fit just because we're effortless cool that way. 
RM 34 each

One piece. 
Nautical is fused with a mystic allure with the mesh overlay. 
Shoulder padded. 
RM 48

Another one-piece.
Strikingly hot. 
RM 38 

How far are you willing to take things retro? ;D
Featuring bright cobalt spandex semi highwaist hotpants.
Skimpy with attitude. 
RM 45 
Duo-toned knit dress. 
A bold belt buckle for blast from the past 70's. 
Ribbed in candy shades. 
RM 45 

Not forgetting high-shine leggings and lollipop mini's. 


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