Sunday, September 4, 2011

Never hurts to add a good few inches of height; and snazzy bracelets or long pendant necklaces for extra texture. 
Uber comfy lycra-jersey palazzo pants. 
Smooth and discreetly classy; 
Made wearable for casual occasions. :)
RM 42
Great for softening edgy-rock-chic metallic gear. :) 
Casual blouse.
Cutesy birdy prints. :) 
Polyester mix. 
RM 35 

And last but not least : 
Regular chiffon blouse; 
Floral embroidered neckline. :)
RM 37

Slim fitted cigarette pants with that gold-tone Casio watch and closed toe pumps for a city-slick ensemble. 
Silky-satin printed blouses ala highstreet fashion labels. 
Chic folded sleeves and exposed back zipper. 
Unique watercolour feather prints. :) 
Slight loose fit for UK 4 - 6. 
RM 53 
A safe bet from tea time to dinner. :) Play around with Doctor sling bags for a vintage twist. 
Reckon we've seen a similar version in A Model Studio before -- 
There's nothing quite like a seductive combination of perfect pleating and peek-a-boo lace. 
Great attention paid to detailing, from its sweetheart neckline bustier to its perfect circle skirt. 
Slightly more sombre tones of summer shades. :) 
RM 50 


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