Sunday, September 11, 2011

Versatile. From metallics ; to edgy rock cuffs ; to neon jolts. Pick any theme. 
I unfortunately don't have many bodycon dresses --
But if I did have to pick one, I'd pick this. ;) 
Nothing spills sexy like a corset-styled LBD, heightened with 'em side slits.
Now all you need is the sassy confidence to swagger it. 
Quality stretchable lycra. 
RM 39 
Once again, quite the flattering cut for most body shapes. 
Pleated chiffon tunic top. 
Fully pleated with handstitched speckles of glitter sequins. :)
Inner lined so it's not sheer. 
RM 43
Violet Lavenders

A simple embellished cinch may help define the waist more -- think of 'em rose closure ones. 
For a gothic-styled romanticism -- 
Structured corset-like upper body half ;
Mid thigh lightly pleated skirt.
A mish-mash of black lace. 
RM 40 


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