Tuesday, September 20, 2011

As noted, you could wear this to death. ;p Whether with your favourite pair of flats for a low-key date or glam-ed up with heels and sheer patterned stockings. 
One can never run out of casual dresses. :) 
Particularly comes in handy when you're too lazy to think of a top-and-bottom ensemble. 
A simple piece that's both flattering and convenient --
Scoop low neck for just that hint of cleavage; drawstring waist and lightly pleated A-line skirt ensures a good and comfy fit. 
In a unique shade of dusky pink. 
RM 50 
Provides a more demure approach to mini's and hot pants. 
Immediate thought : Chanel inspired, no doubt. 
Careful wooly trimmings contrasted with classy beige base or a monochrome ivory-black play. 
An intensely preppy-chic charm further complemented with a gorgeous slimming cut. ;) 
Faux front pockets. 
RM 50 

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