Friday, September 9, 2011

Lavish Chiq

A quick add-on to Clothesbucket's below -- *I'd also recommend looking at Soak Republic :)*
More jewelled necklaces available here. 
Regal with a touch of cheek. 
Unsure of exact length.
RM 15/ RM 18 


Well recommended for minimalist outfits. I'd go with fitted black tank; highwaist shorts and one of these pwetty necklaces. :) 
*sigh* simply exquisite embellished bib necklaces. 
Been having quite the fetish for them lately. ;p 
Adds more oomph compared to long necklaces,
With added details and gorgeous intricate clusters in random patterns.
RM 30 below 

New York city chic with heels and a mini shift dress underneath. ;)
Autumn wear. 
Quintessential preppy trench coat with military culotte edging; 
Faux fur side zipped hoodie. 
May or may not be practical for our Malaysian weather -- but if you're the type to travel, never hurts to have one awesome piece like this. ;) 
RM 90 / RM 75 

Also worth a look:
Bunny hooded homie sweater ; chunky Aran knit cardi ; peplum laced-edge blazer. 


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