Sunday, September 18, 2011

Versatility at its best. 
If there was just one dress you had to keep --
This should be it. 
Every detail from its elegant draped and pleated bodice; 
To its romantic hemline falling just perfectly... 
RM 58 
Looks like we don't have to splurge on 'em Zara pants any longer. ;p 
Finally, coloured jeggings! 
In the juiciest summer and autumn jewel tones. ;D 
Skinny cut.
Sizes S - XL available. 
RM 49 
Extremely demure. :) a girlish high-tea occasion? 
I've yet to get into the bandwagon of maxi skirts -- 
But this oriental Beijing-inspired skirt is gorgeous! 
Blooming roses in blushing pinks; 
Set on billowing light chiffon in virgin white or midnight black. 
Smooth, flowy, and fully lined. 
RM 59 


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