Tuesday, September 13, 2011

*massive update. recommended look for yourself in-store. ;)
More highwaist skirts; 
And blouses of all sorts!*

Sets the perfect setting to highlight a statement piece -- whether it's 'em chic boots, seductive lace singlet, or dinner clutch. 
What with all the frills and textures added to our basic maxi skirts, 
It's good to go back to basics once in a while. :) 
As above, semi highwaist and ankle length.
Smooth cotton knit fabric all the way.
RM 46 *laced long top paired above going for RM 26*

A waist belt will further emphasize a fuller skirt, wear this complete with clink-clack bangles and a tribal bib necklace to add an exotic edge. 
As if a toga couldn't get any cuter,
Completely love this contemporary skirt flare. ;D 
Quite unlike the ones you usually see. 
Finished with a sassy mini length. ;)
Also available in beige, mustard, and bright blue. 
RM 56
Low-keep accessories to complement; heels are a must. 
Another stunning piece. 
Full-on gorgeous sweeping maxi.
Stylishly hints at duo toned goodness with its contrasting layering; 
Peplum ruffled layer at the bust - sure a celebrity approval. ;) 
Light polyester. 
RM 84 


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