Sunday, September 4, 2011

Adds a romantic retro twist to hot denim highwaist pants and a fitted inner singlet. 
Self-tie cropped cardi exemplifying elements of demure elegance. 
Puffed lantern sleeves; sheer laced back; intricate stitching of red roses. 
Airy crepe chiffon in two shades as above. 
RM 60 

Be bold. A statement embellished clutch and equally deserving-of-attention colour block shoes will bring this ensemble to the next level. 
Flirty dinner dress sporting elbow-length voluminous cocoon sleeves. 
Mid-high neckline and loose flared cut. 
Simplistic that's delightfully modern. 
An unusual find amongst the usual bodycon fittings. ;) 
RM 55

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