Friday, September 9, 2011

A scarf and Mulberry satchel, donned with sky high pumps for a stylish evening out. 
Playing around with slouchy paperbag pants. 
Futuristically cool exuding runway androgynous vibes. 
In burgundy red or summer camel. 
Tapered cotton.
RM 68
Tone down the leather masculinity with soft-edged blouses and tops; shy away from dominatrix-kinky elements of too much mesh and lace. 
Two autumn love shorts!
Leather slit sleek and structured semi-highwaist;
Vivacious and cuffed in melon. 
Uber trendy pieces that's bound to add oomph to your closet. ;D  
RM 65 / RM 54

Gotta be my number one favourite midi I've seen so far. Pity the pricing has increased compared to when it first debuted. :( 
Quite the unforgettable tulip slit midi skirt.
In a pretty shade of blushing peach. :) 
RM 68 *sheer top going for RM 52* 


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