Saturday, September 24, 2011

Worn nonchalantly loose tucked in with your favourite highwaist attire; and long pendant necklaces to contrast. :) 
A flirty coquettish touch to your usual chiffon blouses -- 
Loose open-ended sleeves trimmed with a burst of confetti petal cut-outs. :) 
Lightweight and sheer. 
RM 49 *psst: lunchbox sling going for RM 58*

Also updated with blouses of the following: 
The popular grecian gold-stripe fishtail tunic. / RM 36 
Floral embroidered; utmost gorgeous detailing. / RM 55
Vertical jailbird blocks. / RM 42

Good structure and full bodied. 
Very rich and flowy midi. :) 
Soothing chiffon pleats; 
Wider waistband with belt hoops.
RM 49 inclusive of postage


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