Sunday, October 2, 2011

Channel old school drama in closed-top stiletto pumps and a discreet plain top. Nothing beats classy like a designer bag in hand. 
A gorgeous vintage inspired exhibit. :) 
Highwaist slim fit midi button-down skirt. 
In classic navy blue or reinterpreted in yummy cherry. 
Matching sash as above; of thick and comfy cotton. 
RM 63
As always, balance is key -- a fitted top ensures an ensemble that doesn't look too overblown. 
We've seen palazzo pants come and go -- 
From 'em graphic printed ones to heavy lycra jersey alternatives. 
Here's one that's lightweight and easy to pull off. :) 
Pleated at the waist and not too wide-legged. 
Liking the apple green and sand shade! 
RM 59 

Also updated with these DKNY / Givenchy type formal dresses : 

And for more classic Asos inspired creations -- 


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