Monday, October 24, 2011

Equally sleek and sharp eye-makeup to match; gonna be needing those stilettos and most of all, the confidence to pull it off. ;)  
A stunning piece only for those who dare. ;D 
Voluminous fluid pantsuit in tres' bold full leopard prints. 
Ferociously sexy in its plunging V-cut that's perfectly balanced with heavy drop-pleats. :) 
Smocked and elasticized at the back/waist, 
of lycra and velvet mix.  
RM 65
Completely sheer, so you'd need an inner. Formalistic when tucked in with corporate bottoms, yet casual with basic shorts. 
Such a delicate blouse. :) 
Uber pwetty embroidery and speckled mesh detailing. 
Open neck ribbon-tie front, longer sleeves than most. 
Evokes a soft Victorian-esque era charm. 
RM 45 

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