Monday, October 10, 2011

*massive update - recommended looksee in-store :)*

Ala Blair Waldorf with peep-toe pumps, statement accessorizing and an Autumn blouse. 
Prim white Banana Republic-like shorts. 
Just the slightest bit semi-highwaist; 
Mid-thigh length with folded hem. 
Sleek and corporate-sexy with its no-nonsense vibe. ;) 
Sizes S - L available.
RM 49 
Waist belt serves well to break the monotone; discreet basic coloured footwear and a matching clutch to avoid clashing of too many colour-tone elements. 
An electrifying dose of rainbow-hued stripes begging to be worn. ;P 
Stylishly audacious and daring for the more adventurous babes. 
Knitted cotton. 
RM 55 
Worn on its own with basic shorts for a cosy night with the boyfie or girlfriends. :) 
I for one, wish I looked better in cardi's. 
Here's the au original knitted V-neck cardi in the most delectable candy shades. ;P 
Exceedingly long in length with fully functional buttons. 
Warm wool. :) 
RM 49