Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Original post here for more info. 

Here's mine. :) - click to enlarge pics - open in new tab

Triple silver plating.
Pwetty cursive font. 
Opted for the smaller font. 

Just to show the length of the necklace -- rests nicely on the collarbone.
Sorry it's all blurry =/ t'was challenging to take a self-picture on a DSLR. 

I reckon most people would prefer engraving their name,
just thought this would be something different -- 

A word that's meaningful to you. :) 
But you could stick to the usual of course -- recommended 6 - 8 alphabets;
25 fonts to choose from; 
And a range of decorative non-alphabets available as well. 

Definitely recommended!
Love mine to bits. :) 

Vist dexig.com for more info. 

Price range at RM 70 ish -- waaay cheaper compared to retail. 


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