Monday, October 10, 2011

Glamourize with equally gold accessories. ;) Chunky bangles for an ethnic touch. 
Gold-chain printed frock. 
ala 'em high street fashion labels. ;) 
Can't go wrong with it whether for daily or dressy occasion.
Unsure of material -- looks of either chiffon or satin. 
RM 45 

Basic tank with embellished heels will do the trick. :) 
Of exquisite taste -- 
Such gorgeous detailing to the stained glass peplum skirt. :) 
Calming hues of purple ala 'em Renaissance period. 
Bordered in black for a stark contrast. 
Uber pretty! 
RM 42 *psst: not too sure if the top is for sale, but I'd grab that too if i were you. ;)* 

I'd wear it tucked with with a black bodycon skirt if possible. :) 
An unusual combination of sorts -- 
Peter Pan pleated chiffon blouse with attached floral bustier-like exterior. 
A balance between a night-time rendezvous and demure high tea session. 
RM 42 


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