Tuesday, October 4, 2011

 All pre-order. 
(Unsure of quality; actual product; etc.)
Highlighting cause the prices are extremely affordable!

Starting from RM 20 ish - RM 40 ish. 
Not more than RM 50. :) 

Same goes for their clothing pre-order


how do you make an order to this website? can't seem to even find an email address..

Yeah, I have the same question as Calliope. I wanted to order a few items but no email address available :(

Hi babes, try this email: dollzydollz@gmail.com :)

Hey, just to be cautious. But is this the real email of the owner of the website? Any way to verify it? I simply dont want to bank my money into a stranger's account. :/

anybody knows how to make an order on this website?

how to place an order here?
i wanna order the bag so badly:(
and i'm afraid
dollzydollz@gmail.com is not the real owner of the website

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