Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ready stock Supre items! :) 

Boho-chic oversized plain cropped top at RM 43 / Size S
Electrifying tribal bodycon print dress at  RM 56 / Size S
Cheerleader jumpers at RM 49 / Size S

*recommended looksee in-store for cool bags.*

Ala 'nuff said. 
Zara inspired as we've so often seen.
Semi-highwaist tapered shorts. 
Folded cuffs; double belt hoops; good flowy fit. 
And of course -- totally helps that they come in unique shades of apple green and mustard yellow. 
RM 48 

And these chiffon tulip skirts that's been selling out realllyyy fast --
RM 55

And just for an alternative --
Stylenanda sleek candy shorts in bubblegum pink or royal blue.
RM 49 


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