Thursday, October 6, 2011

With a tight top; vintage sling over the shoulder; and heels for the necessary height. :) 
Assymetrical cut semi-highwaist colour block skirts. ;D 
Gorgeous chiffon pleats that's slightly poofy. 
Love the edge. ;) 
RM 40 

Time to take 'em leggings out of the closet; with T-strap heels or chic ankle booties. With a stylish hobo or Mulberry-like satchel in hand. 
A substitute for boyfriend tees -- 
More laidback with that Ace Ventura forest trekking vibe, 
Hooded with plenty of slouchy pockets and cuffs. 
Exceedingly long length enough to cover the ass. :) 
RM 40 

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