Thursday, October 6, 2011

Indeed it creates the perfect silhouette whether for skinny or petite babes :) A cincher and embellished jewelry would do wonders in glamourizing the outfit. 
Midi lengths are stil dominating for Autumn/Winter '11 collections. 
Here's a soothing one piece combining the vibrance of summer and demureness of autumn. :) 
Relaxed sleeveless tank sunshine yellow upper with strips of white; 
Straight cut pencil skirt bottom - only in black. 
RM 79 

Opt for long pendant necklace to weigh down the poofiness if you'd rather wear it without a belt. 
Or if this is preferable --
Loose fit jailbird slightly long-sleeve tunic.
For lazy weekends and chilly indoor sessions. :) 
RM 49


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