Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's the perfect summer get-up with a hobo in hand and floral brocade shorts. :) Throw in platform wedges for an illusion of the longest legs. ;) 
A feminine version of our usual long and loose prim white boyfriend tee. 
Smocking at the sleeves and waist; 
Slightly puffed Cinderella shoulders. 
Stated not actual colour. 
RM 46
Think lookbook inspired looks with patterned gloss stockings and ankle boots; or layered with a blazer for modesty. 
Basic mini ribbed tank dress.
Seductive button-ed front and just-below-the-butt length. ;) 
RM 38

And last but not least--
Total love cardigans! :) RM 49 / RM 45


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