Friday, November 4, 2011

Phat Culture

Cause baby you're a firework~
Love the refreshing burst of colour! 
Kimono sleeve toga flirty sundress. :D
Abstract sunflower design in a multitude of rainbow hues; 
Drapes softly around the silhouette -- best with a waist belt to enhance a slim waist. 
Polyester elastane. 
RM 59 
Cocktails and Martinis

Without a doubt, belle of the ball. 
Absolutely stunning. 
Beautifully designed to the core. :) 
Exotic asymmetrical skirt length that's all the rage these days--
Two designs as above for your liking.
RM 75
Scrunches as detailed above usually add volume to otherwise slinky dresses :) Unconventional. 
A grecian endeavor. 
Of pleats, ruches, and subtle layering. 
Smooth and stretchy lycra. 
RM 58 
Just the right of poofiness injected -- emulate chic corporate with skintight cigarette pants and don't compromise on 'em layers of bangles!
Quite like those highstreet fashion brand designs -- 
Additional tutu-like hemline; 
Amazonian T-back. :)
Thick lycra. 
RM 48

Rock edgy chic and stand-out bib necklaces with ease. ;) 
Speaking of dipped hems -- 
Here's another by Whitesoot. :) 
Carefully done heavy pleats hips downwards, capsleeves, and semi-fitting. 
Have always found the peek-a-boo above the thigh oh-so-seductive. ;p
Spandex material. 
RM 53


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