Sunday, November 27, 2011

Definitely my lazy Sunday teas with comfy flats and slouchy hobo's or tote in hand. 
Eeep! Cute. :D 
Dolly-eyed graphic girl print. 
Baby tee cutting that fits relatively well. :)
RM 30 

If you're not daring enough to wear it with hip-length bottoms, this softens 'em skin-tight bodycon skirts. :) 
And with all the hype about fishtail asymmetrical cuts -- 
Cheerleader hoodie-sweater in comfy quality cotton.
Scoop neck and waist-exposing. ;) 
Highstreet fashion inspired no doubt. 
RM 42

Also see:

More interesting printed tees here. :) 
Slightly kawaii, slightly cute. 
RM 29

And more random tops for choosing -- 
Biker-chic cropped white printed top / RM 20
Duo-toned chiffon Peter Pan top / RM 29

Also worth the note for affordable pricing: 
Minimalist Zara-like shorts / RM 25
Lycra bodycon / RM 25 


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