Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Always looks good with simple denim shorts. Ooh-la-la factor tucked under hotpants and matching ankle heels. 
Striped cardi's that never go out of style. ;) 
More minimalist and less jailbird with 'em slim lines,
Plunging V-cut with front botton fastening and slim-fit sleeves. 
Soft knit. :) 
RM 51

Never fails to amaze me just how many prints these tanks come in. :D 
Here in an oriental open-fan print. :)
Totally lightweight and dainty. 
RM 47

Also updated with some formal attire:

Love the very versatile matching sash. :) 
For a don't-mess-with high fashionista corporate look -- 
This delivers just the right amount of sass. 
Warm and thick body; carefully draped peaked shoulders; further supported with a soft peplum layer to define the waist. ;)
Detachable printed sash is inclusive of purchase.
RM 58
Mix ol' school with this season's hottest bottoms. :) 
An oh-so-ladylike long sleeved tunic. 
Without a doubt flattering with 'em light pleats around the neckline, 
Loosely fit and slightly tined at the cuffs. 
Vietnamese-like paddy field farmer print. :) 
RM 49 


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